A gentle reminder as we begin the new year.

Click ont this link to see the comic strip from gocomic.com The difference between teaching and learning.

As  the new year begins, its timely to remember the difference between teaching and learning. Here are some of the things I’m doing to address this awareness as I prepare to teach in the new year. I’ll just address their listening skills here. So much of what happens within the classroom hinges on listening – whether the student is viewing a video or listening to the teacher or classmate. We all know how difficult it is to listen to a speech and catch the nuance of everything that is said. How much more difficult is it for students who may not be as motivated to listen 100 percent of the time. Help students learn by

– writing up key words on the whiteboard.

– reinforcing the learning in various ways such as game cards, mindmaps etc of your topic.

– teach students to make notes.

– get them to repeat parts of the lesson to their group. This ties in well with my needs as I expect my esl learners to speak at every lesson. One simple way to address this is to make them reteach a concept or a question to their group.

– Present reflection sheets through which you as a teacher can look at what your students have taken from your lesson.



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