Learning Maths

Teaching number concepts.

I picked up this idea from the text “Mathematics – Formative Assessment” and it worked marvellously with my ESL students. It allowed them the opportunity to use the language we had been discussing in class and while it was challenging initially, it certainly was fun. It probably works best with mixed ability groups but we’ll need to ensure one student does not dominate the activity. A screen shot of one of the sets is below. Click here for the full set of cards. http://wp.me/a1rdld-2f


Prior Vocabulary: Odd/Even numbers


greater than/ less than

number values

Method: Cut the cards up.

Students sort the cards to match the number. The statements on the left are true and the statements on the right are false.

Reinforcing the learning of multiplication facts

Create a set of coloured cards with the multiplication facts and answers on separate cards. Laminate them.

Game 1: Get students to match the equation and the answer quickly. You can choose to focus on the particular times tables that the class or group is working on. More advanced groups could be made to work on different or more sets of times tables.

Game 2: Memory game: Have students turn their cards over. Students turn over the cards two at a time, and if the cards match, they keep the set.

Tip – Ensure the numbers cannot be seen through the paper on the wrong side before you laminate them.

Game 3: Distribute the cards round the groups equally. Each student calls out an equation and the group member who has the answer calls out the equation and answer and claims the set.

Game 4: Bingo – Each group takes out the assigned multiplication set and randomly prepares a 5×5 square of cards with their set of equations.

The teacher calls out the number and students who have the equation remove it from their square. The winner is   the one who removes all the cards from the set.


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